Among harebells

September 23, 2015 - In english this flower is called harebell, in Sweden it is more commonly known as bluebell. However in england bluebell...
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Shelob's Lair

September 16, 2015 - I remember so well when I found this spider, it had built a thunnel web towards it's lair. The picture reminds me of the...
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Evening gold

September 11, 2015 - I really love taking picture in the last light before the sun sets. It gives the pictures a loveley golden light that ca...
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The lovely fireweed

September 06, 2015 - This year I tried several times to capture the beauty of the fireweed. Beolw are two of my favourites.
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Summer night

September 01, 2015 - These pictures are from earlier this summer when I visited my parents. I usually take a short walk late evenig to see if...
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