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August 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

Yesterday I was out in the garden out just before the last light disappeared. I was playing with an old lens of mine, a wonderful little Meyer Görlitz Trioplan 50mm. I like the old lenses because they are full of surprises, they handle light in a different way compared to new lenses that are “super corrected” to minimize flares, correct for all optical errors etc. I love all my new “perfect” lenses, but sometimes it is fun to use the old ones, especially for more artistic pictures or close-ups/macro.

HoverflyHoverflyHoverfly, Uppsala. August 2016

HoverflyHoverflyHoverfly, Uppsala. August 2016


Erik Koffmar
Tack Carina, kul att du gillar bilderna.

Carina Bodin(non-registered)
Så läckert! Härliga färger och bra fångat!
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