Ulva kvarn

January 21, 2017  •  7 Comments

I have been visiting Ulva kvarn twice so far, this year in pursuit of good pictures of the dipper. The first time there were a pair whooper swans, in the open water. After a short time, they decided to take off and didn’t get back, at least not as long as I were there. There were several dippers around but they all kept their distance, so no close ups. The second time the dippers were a bit closer but this time the lighting was poor and the results as well. I guess I need to visit soon again to see if I can get the pictures I’m after.

Whooper swanWhooper swanWhooper swan, Ulva kvarn. January 2017

Whooper swanWhooper swanWhooper swan, Ulva kvarn. January 2017

DipperDipperDipper, Ulva kvarn. January 2017


Erik Koffmar
Tack för alla fina kommentarer de uppskattas verkligen.

Kerstin Östbring(non-registered)
Vilket magiskt ljus du fått till i första bilden! Sångsvanen på andra bilden ser så härligt stolt ut, gillar också bilden på strömstaren.
Otroligt vackra bilder
Nå, i alla fall härligt vinterväder och strömstare i vacker miljö. Räcker väl en bit?
/ Deerhunter
Gustav Rappestad(non-registered)
Härlig vinterkänsla i bilderna!
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