Ulva kvarn

January 21, 2017
I have been visiting Ulva kvarn twice so far, this year in pursuit of good pictures of the dipper. The first time there were a pair whooper swans, in the open water. Afte...
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The tradition goes on

January 15, 2017
As some of you might have read before I have a tradition to visit the hides at Getterön nature reserve together with my father when visiting back home. The visit tock pla...
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Borrås skåra

January 06, 2017
The days after Christmas was spent on the west coast of Sweden, at my parent’s place. The winter can be quite mild and humid at times, down there. The weather was dull an...
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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

December 21, 2016
I would like to thank all of you whom have visited my webpage this year and to all of you whom have comment on my pictures, much appreciated. I know that the update speed...
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Still around

December 03, 2016
It’s been some time since I last updated the blog, but I wanted to share this early autumn picture. Taken late September this year in the city forest of Uppsala. There ar...
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And it melts away

November 14, 2016
We have had snow for over a week now, now it slowly melts away. The snow surprised a few plants that were still around and covered them in snow.
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A tiny beech forest

November 03, 2016
In the city forest of Uppsala there is a small area with planted beech trees forming a “tiny beech forest”. The beech trees are not normally living this far north. The tr...
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