Memories from Africa

November 30, 2017
Browsing through som pictures from December two years ago when I visited my sister and her family in Kenya. Found these two evening shots, just a typical savanna landscap...
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Common magpie

November 20, 2017
Common or not, the magpie is a beautiful bird that have a plumage that switch in colours from blue to green to black. Here it is portrait both as a silhouette and nice ba...
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November 10, 2017
Recently returned from a wonderful week at the island Tenerife. Spent most of the time relaxing with the family at beach or the pool. One day my son and I rented a car to...
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Lynx in snow

October 21, 2017
This picture of a Lynx in snow is a few years old, but have never left the hard drive before. The picture were taken at the Orsa bear park up in Dalarna, Sweden.
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A ladybird

October 14, 2017
Just a lonely ladybird among the autumn leafs.
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Lovely Highlands

October 07, 2017
Looking back on the quick trip to the Scottish Highland this summer remembering the nice weather and the fabulous views. We drove up from Edinburgh to Ballaculish and for...
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From the archive

September 30, 2017
I browsed through some old folder on the hard drive tonight and found this action shot from 2014. The picture is of three sea eagles fighting for the best spot in the tre...
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