Exhibition at Naturfotodagen

January 08, 2018
I'm exited to tell you that I will have an exhibition at Naturfotodagen in Västerås on the 10th of February, I will be showing pictures from two fantastic Scottish island...
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A new year

January 03, 2018
I wish to start by thanking everyone that visited my site last year and for all wonderful comments and positive feedback on my pictures. 2018 holds a lot of new challenge...
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Memories from Africa

November 30, 2017
Browsing through som pictures from December two years ago when I visited my sister and her family in Kenya. Found these two evening shots, just a typical savanna landscap...
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Common magpie

November 20, 2017
Common or not, the magpie is a beautiful bird that have a plumage that switch in colours from blue to green to black. Here it is portrait both as a silhouette and nice ba...
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November 10, 2017
Recently returned from a wonderful week at the island Tenerife. Spent most of the time relaxing with the family at beach or the pool. One day my son and I rented a car to...
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Lynx in snow

October 21, 2017
This picture of a Lynx in snow is a few years old, but have never left the hard drive before. The picture were taken at the Orsa bear park up in Dalarna, Sweden.
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A ladybird

October 14, 2017
Just a lonely ladybird among the autumn leafs.
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