First attempt

April 02, 2017
So here they are, this years first attempt with the Anemone hepatica. This is a true sign of spring, each year hoping to get a that perfect shot that just screams, “Sprin...
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Wonderful colours

March 29, 2017
The Crocus is in full bloom on the lawn, yellow, white and blue/purple. The pictures are both double exposures made with an old Pentacon AV 80mm projector lens. I haven r...
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The colours are coming back but...

March 18, 2017
In the garden the colours are slowly coming back after the winter. After trying to capture the newly pop up crocus, my focus shifted towards some seeds hanging in the nea...
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Finally, I got them on picture

March 06, 2017
It was a long time since I manage to get any squirrels on picture but during last visit up to the cabin up north I managed to get some. At the bird feeder, there were two...
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Playing with new stuff

February 21, 2017
Not too long ago I got hold of an old Pentacon AV 80mm projector lens that I have modified with an M42 fitting. Today I had the first opportunity to play with it, among t...
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Digging for gold

February 08, 2017
I went “gold digging” in some old folders from last summer to see what I could find. I found these pictures of a wood sand piper worth showing off. These pictures were ta...
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Ulva kvarn

January 21, 2017
I have been visiting Ulva kvarn twice so far, this year in pursuit of good pictures of the dipper. The first time there were a pair whooper swans, in the open water. Afte...
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