Updated galleries

May 12, 2020
I have uploaded a few new pictures in the flower gallery. Many of these pictures have been posted on Facebook and Instagram but not being uploaded on my web page.
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Now is the time

April 21, 2020
Now is the time, if you want to see the pasqueflower in full bloom, just love these hairy flowers.
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My dear, roe deers

April 13, 2020
Last week I visited my local nature reserve, Hågadalen, just a quick walk from where I live. I hade two fantastic evenings in the reserve with several meetings with roe d...
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Morning trip

April 04, 2020
Today, I made a morning trip to a nearby nature reserve called Dalkarlskärret. It was a beautiful morning with sunshine but the night had been cold, so cold that there we...
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Pallas cat (Captive)

March 19, 2020
In these times with viruses and travel restrictions I have done a trip within the digital archive and found these lovely pictures of the elusive and rare Palla's cat. The...
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In bloom

March 14, 2020
The Crocus are now in full bloom on our lawn. Today when the sun was shining from the clear blue sky, I took the opportunity to lay flat on the ground trying to catch the...
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Old story

March 06, 2020
I wish to show you pictures from an old job trip to Wisconsin, U.S.A. Just next to where I stayed there were a small river. One day when I took an afternoon walk I did he...
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