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Not a lily of the valley

May 29, 2013  •  8 Comments

Sometimes it’s just a feeling in a picture that you like. This picture might not be perfect. It might just have a bit too much light coming in from background, main object dead centered etc. But sometimes you just like a picture. Maybe it is a feeling that relates to the moment when you shot the picture, I don’t know. This picture is shot just a few days ago at the playground next to where we live.  It is a snap shot, I was trying to get a good picture of some lily of the valley, and suddenly I see this young fieldfare sitting on a branch just a few meters away. The picture is shot with my 100mm macro lens and I had no time to dial in any exposure compensation, hence some overexposure in the background.

Young Fieldfare


Erik Koffmar
Thank you ZeilonaMila! I'm glad you like the picture.

Erik Koffmar
Så sant Jani... :0) Tack för kommentaren.

Wonderful photo, it is magic:) Greetings
Ögonblicksbilder kan ibland bli otroligt häftiga och annorlunda just för att man inte har hunnit att ändra nånting i kameran.
Och varför ska alltid allt vara så perfekt, behövs ju lite variation också. :))
Erik Koffmar
Tack Klas! Kul att bilden föll dig i smaken.

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