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A new year

January 03, 2018  •  6 Comments

I wish to start by thanking everyone that visited my site last year and for all wonderful comments and positive feedback on my pictures. 2018 holds a lot of new challenges and opportunities, I will have at least one exhibition, more to come on this shortly. I will try to develop and improve my photographic expression in my pictures, I started of this journey last year.

I have updated the look of my webpage, I hope you like it.

Below are a fresh picture from this year, it is an ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) picture of a birch forest just a few hundred meters from our cabin in Orsa.

Winter forestWinter forestWinter forets, Orsa. January 2018


Erik Koffmar
Tack Cecilia :)

Erik Koffmar
Tack Klas, kul att du gillar bilden.


Fin bild i sin mjuka färgskala.

/ Deerhunter
Cecilia Bergman(non-registered)
Gott Nytt 2018! Lycka till med din utställning!
Erik Koffmar
Tack Jan-Olof för din fina kommentar. Klurigt med ICM men ibland så blir det riktigt bra.

Ha det,
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