Close encounter

May 04, 2021  •  1 Comment

Yesterday evening I had a close encounter with some roe deer in my local nature reserve. I love to sneak up on these beautiful deer, it takes some practice, sometimes it works some times they sens you before you even notice them. Yesterday I was lucky, once I was within good photo distance I sat down, took some pictures and then one of them got a bit curios and came right at me, stopped and stared, then slowly walked away. All in total I saw six roe deer on my evening walk. 

All pictures are un-cropped.

Roe deerRoe deerRoe deer, Hågadalen. May 2021

Roe deerRoe deerRoe deer, Hågadalen. May 2021


Men Åh vilken skönhet! Och vilken fin upplevelse! Superfina bilder :)
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