New year and new opportunities

January 02, 2021  •  5 Comments

It's a new year and it will be filled with many new opportunities/challenges and meetings. The blogg has not been updated in six months, however that doesn't mean that I haven't been taking pictures. I plan to update the blog more frequent this coming six months, I will also update the webpage with new content and I have already started by adding my first Wildlife story.

Wildlife stories will be a series of slideshows/movies showing a special place, plant or animal. In this the first Wildlife story I will take you to Knuthöjdsmossen a bog outside Hällefors in Västmanland, well known for it’s nesting red throated loons. I visited this area a weekend early in May just when the read throated loons started their courting and nesting. I got a some wonderful mornings and evenings among the loons, golden eyes and Canadian geese.

Thanks for all the comments and visits during last year and I'll hope to see you here in 2021.


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Men Wow Vilken fin film från vackra Knuthöjdsmossen!! En plats man kan besöka om och om igen :) Tack!
Erik Koffmar
Tack Carina och Lasse, kul att ni gillade bilderna.

Underbara bilder Erik, du har fångat den magiska platsen och de fina fåglarna på ett mycket vackert sätt !
Gott Nytt bildår 20221 !
Carina Bodin(non-registered)
Underbara bilder från ett underbart ställe! Gott nytt fotoår!
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