Beautiful tulips

May 26, 2021
The tulips in our garden are in full bloom and so beautiful that I just had to take some pictures of them.
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Close encounter

May 04, 2021
Yesterday evening I had a close encounter with some roe deer in my local nature reserve. I love to sneak up on these beautiful deer, it takes some practice, sometimes it...
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An evening walk

April 11, 2021
This Friday I made an evening walk down to Hågadalen, the local nature reserve, where I meet both an hare, pheasant and three roe deers. Just love having nature close to...
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They are awake now

March 24, 2021
The adders are have woken up from their winter sleep and are sunbathing to get the blood flowing again. I saw six adders at once relaxing in the sunshine. One needs to lo...
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They are here now

March 21, 2021
Today I saw the first Anemone hepatic, liverwort or pennywort. All names of the same fantastic little blue flower, that is one of my favorite signs of spring. There were...
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Back up and running again

March 12, 2021
My webpage have been down for a while but is now finally up and running again. Yesterday weather changed and snow covered our ground once more. So in the evening I took t...
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Taking a bath in the cold stream

January 21, 2021
Dippers are really cool birds that don't fear cold water, snow and ice. I visited my local dippers at Ulva Kvarn last weekend to see if I could get some pictures of them...
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